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What Drives The Success Of Women In Tech

In this episode of the Business Builders Show, guest host Kelly Hoey leads the conversation with Julie Elberfeld, SVP, Card Technology and Executive Sponsor of Diversity and Inclusion for Technology at Capital One about a new survey conducted by Capital One focusing on success of women executives in tech. This is not the usual “women in tech” survey. As Julie shares with Kelly and host, Marty Wolff, this new survey flips the focus of the conversation away from the myriad of reasons why women leave tech to reflect on the success of women (like Julie) who have climbed the tech ladder. A startling 56% of women in tech leave tech by the mid-point of their career however, as Julie notes, if we only focus on failure rates, we overlook the x-factor of successful women and lose a vital opportunity to change representation in tech.

One key finding from the study: strong peer networks helped women stay the course in their tech career. 

From a sense of purpose to the flexible nature of the work along with determination and grit, there are success lessons in this conversation with Julie for those who are in tech or are considering a career in tech as well as insights for the employers who are seeking to retain or recruit tech talent.

Guest host Kelly Hoey frequently partners with Capital One, enabling us to bring unique insights from corporate leaders to the Business Builders Show audience.

Find the women in tech survey discussed in the episode here:

Check out Julie’s post “Breaking Barriers: Why Diversity in Tech Is Everyone’s Job” – Learn more about Capital Dev Academy (CODA). CODA is the six month, intensive coding training that prepares analytical non-Computer Science majors for careers in software engineering mentioned during this Business Builders Show episode:

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