Three Reasons Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Are Moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central

In this video, we discuss three reasons Microsoft Dynamics GP users are moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Contact us to learn more about Dynamics 365 Business Central or discuss a transition from Dynamics GP with our experts

Here's what it takes to stage a $14 million loft in Tribeca in NYC

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Master Your Money Virtual Event: A Deep Dive Into Millennial Homeownership

This past year has seen an influx of homebuyers across much of the US. Historically low interest rates made homeownership more attainable — but also created a hyper-competitive market. To help millennials take control of their money, Insider presents “A Guide to Millennial Homeownership,” a free, live virtual event that’s part of our Master Your […]

Dermatologist explains causes of cold sores

Dr. Melanie Grossman, a dermatologist based in New York City, explains what causes cold sores and how to prevent them. ————————————————– Follow BI Video on Twitter: Follow BI on Facebook: Read more: ————————————————– Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you […]

How an Ottawa startup is changing internal auditing

Ottawa-based software company AuditMap uses artificial intelligence to help clients identify and analyze potential risks. CEO Mathieu Lemay shares how the company has managed to re-energize internal audit reporting – and caught the attention of international firms in the process – in this episode of Techopia Live.

Why Cashew Nuts Are So Expensive | So Expensive

One kilogram of cashews can cost $10 wholesale — over seven times as much as peanuts. And in the US, retail prices for raw whole cashews can reach $15 per pound. But cashews are more complex than most other nuts. Each cashew kernel grows inside a toxic shell. It must be carefully extracted from this […]

How Hollywood Stunt Drivers Are Trained | What It Takes

With more than 50 years of stunt driving experience and more than 100 credits in film and television, Rick Seaman is considered a legend in the stunt driving community. Now retired, Seaman teaches the next generation the ins and outs of stunt driving at Rick Seaman’s East Stunt Driving School, a three-day course held at […]

How To Get Exactly What You Want

At work and at home, we want what we want. The question is, how do we get it? ————————————————– Follow BI Video on Twitter: Follow BI Video On Facebook: Read more: ————————————————– Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need […]

Why So Many Athletes Wear Black Marks Under Their Eyes

Why do football players wear black stripes under their eyes? It’s actually a phenomenon called “eye black.” Natural skin absorbs some light, but reflects the rest. This reflection can cause glare and impair vision. Black stripes are supposed to prevent this by absorbing all of the light. This makes it easier to track the ball […]

Chantal Kreviazuk

How Families In India Are Keeping A 500-Year-Old Cashew Liquor Tradition Alive | Still Standing

Feni is a rare liquor made from cashew fruit, and it’s produced only in Goa, India. While some brands are pushing to take feni to the mainstream, this family has survived by hand making small batches and selling locally. The Gaonkar family only sells the liquor locally and does not have a website. For more […]