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This is what to do if you're on holiday and there's a terror attack

Britain’s counter-terrorism police have released a video advising holidaymakers on what to do if they experience a terrorist attack whilst abroad.

Detective Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson, the country’s counter-terrorism coordinator, told Sky News on Monday that the decision to make the video was made in the wake of attacks such as those in Sousse, Tunisia, in 2015, in which 30 of the 38 victims were British.

The video advises people to “run, hide and tell,” in that order.

Wilson said research showed people “want to be aware of what they should and shouldn’t do” in the event of an attack, and the video is also designed to provide training to representatives of the UK travel industry.

He likened the video to the airline safety briefing that takes place before all flights and stressed that authorities were not trying to dissuade members of the public from going to certain holiday destinations.

“We would say ‘look at the Foreign and Commonwealth (Office) website and read the advice that they put on that website, spend four-five minutes watching this video, then go on holiday with your family and enjoy the location,'” he said.


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