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The Homeless Man Learning To Code Is Almost Finished With His First App

Patrick McConlogue is a 23-year-old Manhattan-based programmer. On his way to work each day, McConlogue passes by Leo — a homeless man who lost his job at MetLife just two years earlier.

McConlogue approached Leo one day with an offer. He would either: a.) give Leo $100 in cash or b.) give him a cheap laptop, three JavaScript books, and teach him how to code.

Leo accepted McConlogue’s offer to teach him how to code, and they’re four weeks into the lesson plan.

Watch to learn more about Leo and Patrick McConlogue’s coding theory.


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“Noah’s Stark” & “Diwali Charlie” by Krackatoa


Reporter: Caroline Moss

Produced by:
Robert Libetti & Kamelia Angelova

Additional Camera:
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