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The Deep End: Inside the World of Daily Fantasy Sports

It’s hard to watch a pro sporting event on TV without seeing an ad for FanDuel or DraftKings, the two largest daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites. The industry came out of nowhere in the past six years and now serves millions of sports fans nationwide. Both companies have major, deep-pocketed backers and sport billion-dollar valuations. But the very foundation of the game could be crumbling.

We dove into the deep end to meet the sharks (big winnings), the big fish (major losses), and the minnows of the DFS ecosystem. We wanted to examine the core question of whether DFS is a game of skill or whether it’s gambling. And most of all we wanted to know: Can it actually pay to be a fan?

Executive Producer: Diane Galligan

Producer: Andrew Stern

Cinematography: Sam Rega


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