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Techopia Live: Self-financing wisdom from an Ottawa Bootstrap Award winner

An award-winning bootstrapper joined Techopia Live this week to share the story of how her fledgling startup targeting the oil and gas sector has found its footing in Ottawa without raising major financing.

Ottawa-based Meta Innovation Technologies develops software targeting geoscience companies, such as those drilling beneath the earth for resources in Canada’s western provinces. In addition to artificial intelligence-based analytics, the company’s main offering is simulation software that helps trainees practise the skills they need before they’re behind the controls of a massive piece of machinery.

Thanks to TD Bank for sponsoring this episode. Thanks as well to our other Techopia Champions: KRP Properties, Perley-Robertson Hill & McDougall, University of Ottawa Faculty of Engineering, Stratford Managers and numbercrunch.

Techopia Live features weekly interviews with Ottawa entrepreneurs and startups. Check out our full archive of 150+ Ottawa tech interviews here on YouTube and read our daily articles at

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