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Techopia Live: Ottawa’s Contextere laying the foundations for global AI success

Techopia Live got a crash course in business fundamentals this week from Contextere, an Ottawa firm working with the likes of Lockheed Martin and BMW on an artificial intelligence solution to keep blue-collar workers safe.

CEO and co-founder Gabe Batstone took the hot seat and discussed how his travels to army arsenals and factory floors across Russia, Afghanistan and North America revealed a gap between the abundance of information in the manufacturing industry and the access workers have to that data. With a dozen industrial workers dying on the job every day in the United States, Batstone told Techopia Live that there was a clear need to build a solution that could simultaneously better inform their work and keep them safer.

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Thanks to Perley-Robertson Hill & McDougall for sponsoring this episode. Thanks as well to our other Techopia Champions: TD Bank, KRP Properties, University of Ottawa Faculty of Engineering, Stratford Managers and numbercrunch.

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