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Techopia Live: Ottawa startup Poly turning plastic problem into business opportunity

Techopia Live visited the University of Ottawa’s STEM building this week to hear how student startup Poly is addressing plastic problems across Canada.

Poly develops a machine that shreds plastic waste into small pieces before melting down the refuse and reforming it into new products through an injection mould. Poly’s Ottawa workshop has so far developed designs for coasters and backsplash tiles, with plans for plastic eyeglass frames coming in a few months.
Co-founder Holly Todd told Techopia Live that Poly’s approach is not only meant to repurpose plastic waste across the country, but also help entrepreneurs to build a business in their communities.

Thanks to University of Ottawa Faculty of Engineering for sponsoring this episode. Thanks as well to our other Techopia Champions: TD Bank, Perley-Robertson Hill & McDougall, KRP Properties, Stratford Managers and numbercrunch.

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