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Tackling Supply Chain Optimization and Customer Experience – Guide for B2B Businesses

Across the world, the pandemic is impacting lives, businesses, and economies alike. For organizations hoping to minimize its negative repercussions and capitalize on a worldwide shift toward digital channels, e-commerce is more critical than ever. Not only are supply chains suffering from inventory shortages and production delays, but one-third of organizations expect “moderate to severe” operational and logistical challenges to last through years’ end. Many are concerned about the long-term impact on consumer confidence, or how the pandemic will fundamentally change buyer preferences and behavior.

Watch this recorded webinar to understand:

• How to address supply chain optimization and customer experience challenges stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak
• Why (and how) to better prepare your business for unexpected disruptions with a reliable e-commerce solution
• What challenges your business may face after the storm settles

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