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Stability Through Diversity – Calian Technologies Ltd.

STABILITY through diversity

Leading a successful business onto the international stage requires strategic vision and a relentless focus on customer needs.

Just ask CEO Kevin Ford, who rang the opening bell at the TSX last week to launch a new chapter in the history of the Ottawa company formerly known as Calian Technologies Ltd.

To better reflect its current operations, the company is now known as Calian Group Ltd., with a new TSX ticker CGY (previously CTY).

“Our name change to Calian Group Ltd. reflects management’s belief that embracing our diverse services provides long-term stability as well as a solid foundation for continued growth of the company,” Ford said. “Although we still have deep technology roots, I believe the timing is right to align our corporate entity to our diversification strategy.”

Despite its success, Calian tends to fly under the radar in its home town. Founder Larry O’Brien spent 20 years building a solid company but a decade ago passed the baton to a new generation of leaders who have expanded the business into the professional services and engineering organization that it is today.

Busting the myth

Calian has never stood still – this is evident in last year’s record revenues and its more than 50 consecutive profitable quarters.

Today, Calian is diversified between five distinct service lines:

Health Services, where Calian delivers and manages large-scale networks of medical clinics and facilities across Canada as well as health care professionals at customer sites. With a network of 1,500 healthcare professionals, this makes Calian one of the largest national healthcare providers in Canada.

IT and Professional Services, where Calian has over 400 consultants currently engaged on ITPS projects with the experience and expertise to support complex IT initiatives and manage discrete IT functions in support of customers’ business and technology needs.

Training Services, where Calian delivers training solutions, teaching individuals or large groups. Engagements range from DND personnel about to deploy overseas for high-intensity combat operations, to emergency preparedness exercises for critical infrastructure, public safety and security organizations.

Systems Engineering, where Calian offers turnkey system engineering, products and services worldwide for Satellite Communications, Aerospace and Defence, Test and Measurement, Cable and Wireless, and Broadcast and Media markets. In fact, Calian’s SED division built the deep space antenna network that was used to track the European Space Agency’s comet-chasing Rosetta probe.

Contract Manufacturing where Calian manufactures high reliability systems and equipment for critical military and commercial applications.

What ties all these operations together?

“Our ability to respond to our customers’ needs,” said Ford. “Calian has always been really good at program and service delivery. Although we are a diverse company, there are common core competencies that are levered across all that we do.”

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