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Peelable Paint Is The Easiest Way To Change The Color Of Your Car

This is peelable paint. Car enthusiasts love it. DipYourCar offers a wide range of the custom paint. Here’s why it’s a good option.

DIY: With a DIY kit, you can paint your car in your own garage. The process is simple. 1) Wash, thoroughly wash your car and let it dry for 24 hours. 2) Mask. 3) Prep, this spray removes any oil or dirt that stops the paint from bonding. 4) Paint, applying the correct amount will allow you to easily peel it off later. 5.) Unmask.

Color Options: DipYourCar offers 100s of color variations. You can choose from a matte or high-gloss finish. They also have color-shifting pearls.

Versatility: The peelable paint can last 3-5 years. It also can be removed anytime before that. The secret to the peel is a chemical compound. It allows the paint to stretch as you peel to avoid damaging the car. Change the color of your car a much as you want!

Other methods like vinyl wrapping and traditional paint jobs can be expensive and require a professional. Peelable paint is a more cost-efficient option. DIY Kits start at $200 but vary based on car and color. It can be used on wheels too. Does your car deserve a makeover?


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