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Part One. Pragmatic Passion with Joe Battista

Joe Battista, a former NHL team executive, 6-time ACHA National Championship Hockey Coach, Professional Speaker, Success Coach and Owner of Pragmatic Passion Consulting joins the Business Builders Show for two interviews. Here is part one.

We discuss Joe’s book The Power of Pragmatic Passion, 7 Common Sense Principles for Achieving Personal & Professional Success. Learn more about how you can Dream Big. Keep it Real. Get it Done!  Learn more about Joe at

Why two separate interviews? Too much valuable information to share in just one show. Teaser- our next interview focuses on “financial literacy’ and why that topic is so important to achieve personal and professional success.

In addition to his website,, you can also find Joe on Linkedin

I welcome your questions and comments. You can reach me at marty wolff business or you can call or text me at 570 815 1626.

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