Our Unique Layouts

Our unique layouts are designed in such a way that we can use it as a wire-frame for any new clients that would like a similar design to what we’ve already done.

Our layouts are custom made to our clients needs and there for we do in depth research about their company so we can personalise our websites to our clients needs

When selecting a layout, please email us the layout name that you wish to use and we will customize it to your liking. Please take note you don’t have to choose a layout according to your industry. We can customize any layout to fit your business. 

Fitness Layout

Bed & Breakfast Layout

Automotive Layout

Architecture Layout

Accounting Firm Layout

Spa Layout

Moving Company Layout

Locksmith Layout

Health Layout

IT Services Layout

Hosting Company Layout

Gardening Services Layout

Catering Service Layout

Electrical Services Layout

Daycare Layout

Construction Company Layout

Cleaning Services Layout

Butchery Layout

Sports Club Layout

Nutritionist  Layout

Counselling Layout

Jewellery Shop Layout

Transportation Services Layout

Travel Layout

Plumbing Layout

Investment Company Layout

Charity/ Non Profit Layout

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