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Kate O'Neill – "Tech Humanist"

Companies like Google, Etsy, Cisco and more look to Kate O’Neill, the “Tech Humanist,” for optimism about the role of technology in the world along with a firm reality check. Kate is founder and CEO of Her insights help corporate and cultural leaders rethink how to succeed LONG-Term, by taking a human-centric approach to digital transformation and readiness for the future. 

If you are seeing this before April 24, 2020, check out Kate at Speak Aid 2020

Kate O’Neill is very active on Twitter. I follow her closely, I suggest you do the same I also highly recommend her book Tech Humanist: How You Can Make Technology Better For Business & Better For Humans. 

With all the webinars and other productions flooding your emails, this may be the BEST time investment you make at this point in time.

Let me know what you think by calling or texting me at 570 815 1626. My email is Get all our Business Builders Shows at Thanks for listening!

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