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How Canada's Iconic Mountie Uniforms Are Made | Boot Camp

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or “Mounties,” are known for their iconic uniforms that feature the iconic scarlet tunic referred to as the “Red Serge.”

Senior video correspondent Graham Flanagan visited the RCMP Academy Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan where future Mounties are trained and issued their uniform “kit.”

While modern Mounties’ everyday uniforms are more in line with standard police attire, the wool and satin-lined Red Serge is still used for ceremonial events. Each cadet gets fitted for their tunic about halfway through training.

We visited the tailor shop where a team of 20 tailors performs the alterations for the approximately 1,000 cadets that graduate from the Academy each year. We also stopped by the leather shop, where leather crafters custom-fit each pair of high-leather Strathcona boots before being issued to the cadets.

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How Canada’s Iconic Mountie Uniforms Are Made | Boot Camp

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