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Covid – 19 Response: Medical Sanitization Unit

Mike McHale, President and CEO of Production Systems Automation, has shared breaking news with the Business Builders Show. 

As the national healthcare industry continues to face a shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for staff members who come in contact with Covid – 19 patients; more and more of them are turning to “re-use” measures for their N95 and surgical masks. 

In an effort to facilitate the SAFE re-use of PPE and other healthcare “soft goods”; PSA has developed and is offering a Moist Heat Incubation Sterilization Unit. This unit has been tested and meets all the current CDC guidelines. You can learn more about the unit and talk to a staff member of PSA Systems by going to their website

Thank you, Mike McHale for being thoughtful enough to bring this unit to medical facilities, who are sorely in need of this unique product.

If I can help facilitate a conversation with PSA Systems, don’t hesitate to call or text me, Marty Wolff at 570 815 1626.

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