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petit bill's bistro

10th anniversary of Petit Bill’s Bistro

Techopia Live – Featuring L-Spark

Strapped with lessons learned from their previous cohorts, L-Spark’s Leo Lax and Jamie Petten dropped by Techopia Live to talk about how their approach to this fall’s latest batch of SaaS companies is different from years past. Story:

Making a business case for composting

After getting its start helping hotels, hospitals and casinos reduce their waste collection costs, FoodCycle Science is seeing new opportunities in assisting households around the world rethink the concept of home composting.



June 1, 2009: SNOLAB tour

Ottawa Business Journal reporter Elizabeth Howell heads two kilometres underground in Sudbury to view the SNOLAB facility. SNOLAB studies the workings of the sun and, soon, the beginnings of the universe. See the article at

How an Ottawa startup is limiting losses in shipping

Between COVID-19 vaccine deliveries, the boom in online shopping and temporary shortages of common household goods, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrust supply chains into the spotlight. And that just might be good news for Ottawa startup RedLore. Each year, billions of dollars worth of goods are damaged in transit when, for example, perishable items are […]

Machine learning: Why it’s changing your industry – and how you can capitalize on it

The same technology that generates video suggestions on Netflix and filters suspicious emails is now used by a broad range of businesses to improve customer conversion rates, automate labour-intensive processes and predict workflows. Once a buzzword mostly of interest to academics, machine learning is an increasingly mainstream technology used by law firms, accountants and in […]



Women for Mental Health

Techopia Live – Featuring Pythian & Macadamian

Read the full article here:

Businesswoman of the Year Awards Gala celebrates the success of Ottawa women

More than 350 guests gathered at the Infinity Convention Centre in Ottawa on Thursday, April 19, 2018, for The BYAs, or Businesswoman of the Year Awards, which recognize and celebrate the achievement of women in the National Capital Region. Story:

Autonomous buses, shuttles eyed in Kanata North, Ottawa home prices stabilizing, Eli Fathi retiring

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