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How 50 Million Crickets Are Harvested A Week To Become Food | Big Business

Here at Entomo farms they harvest 50 million crickets a week and turn them into protein packed foods. Crickets contain more protein than beef and are being heralded as “the food of the future”. We visited their Canada based production facility to see how they turn crickets from bugs to brunch. MORE BIG BUSINESS VIDEOS: […]

How This Surgeon And CEO Is Reshaping Telehealth

Sponsor Content created by Insider Studios with Lenovo Meet Dr. Tran Tu Huynh: Engineer, breast cancer surgeon, and founder of OpticSurg, a telehealth startup on a mission to provide surgeons with lifesaving technology. Tu and her diverse team of experts are reshaping the future of patient care with tools like Vision Beyond, a mixed reality […]

Usain Bolt's Diet

We interviewed Usain Bolt in April 2016. We asked him about his diet when he is training and the food he tries to avoid. ————————————————– Follow BI Video on Twitter: Follow BI on Facebook: Read more: ————————————————– Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to […]

How Lab-Grown Mushrooms Become A Styrofoam Alternative And Vegan Bacon | World Wide Waste

A biotech company in upstate New York designs products made from the root structures of mushrooms. It takes about a week to grow their alternative to styrofoam packaging. And their vegan meat can be sliced into whole cuts and crisps up like bacon when fried.” MORE WORLD WIDE WASTE VIDEOS: Mushroom Coffins Turn Bodies Into […]

Why Professional Violin Bows Are So Expensive | So Expensive

In 2017, a single violin bow sold at auction for $690,000. You can buy a beginner’s bow for less than $50, but a top-rate professional bow can often cost thousands of dollars. A bow like this is completely handcrafted by skilled artisans. And just one can take an entire week to make. Even the most […]

The 'most interesting man in the world' is back — and he’s no longer drinking beer

The actor known globally as “the most interesting man in the world” is returning to advertising after a year-long hiatus — and now he’s shilling for a new alcohol brand. ————————————————– Follow BI Video on Twitter: Follow BI on Facebook: Read more: ————————————————– Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site […]

How Fighter Pilots Train To Fly The Marine Corps’ F-35B | Boot Camp

With a price tag of just over $100 million, the F-35B from Lockheed Martin is equipped with the most powerful engine of any jet in the world, as well as the most advanced sensor suite of any fighter jet in history. The Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina, is the sole location for […]

Watch the King of Jordan participate in a military exercise with his armed forces

After ISIS’ brutal execution of a Jordanian pilot in 2015, King Abdullah II promised a “harsh” war against the terror network. Shortly thereafter, Jordanian forces launched 20 airstrikes against ISIS targets. Jordan is one of the few Arab states to fight ISIS alongside the US. King Abdullah II himself is no stranger to the frontlines. […]

There's a surprising limit to how much the human stomach can hold

————————————————– Follow BI Video on Twitter: Follow BI on Facebook: Read more: ————————————————– Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with […]

The US military is fighting a secret war in Somalia

The United States military is currently engaged in a clandestine war in the African nation of Somalia. American special operations forces are working with government forces from Somalia, Kenya, and other African nations to fight the militant group al-Shabaab, which has ties to al-Qaeda. The US military hasn’t had this many troops in the war-torn […]

Meet Some Of The Last Papyrus Makers In Egypt Keeping A 5,000-Year-Old Craft Alive | Still Standing

Papyrus paper originated in ancient Egypt. Today, just one village still makes the paper, but after a year without tourists, workers are struggling to keep their doors open. Saied and Atef sell their products locally in Egypt. MORE STILL STANDING VIDEOS: How One Of The Last Dye Houses In Egypt Keeps Ancient Hand Dyeing Alive […]

What Makes Tunisia One Of The Most Expensive Countries To Buy A Car | So Expensive

Cars in Tunisia are among the highest priced in the world. Tunisians are paying almost twice the market value for a used car. We dive into why cars in Tunisia are so expensive. MORE SO EXPENSIVE VIDEOS: Why Black Opal Is So Expensive | So Expensive Why Donkey Cheese Is So Expensive | So Expensive […]