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Business Builders Show | Marty talks with Imperial Machine and Tool Co.

I asked Chris Joest, President of Imperial Machine & Tool Co., why he operates his manufacturing company the ways he does, his answer: “I do it because it’s good for my country”.

We discuss his multi-generational manufacturing business, why he wants people to have careers at this company, why manufacturing may have hurt itself and why it is now coming back in America, the importance of additive manufacturing for his business and his vision for additive manufacturing.

Fantastic interview for those involved in manufacturing and for those who want to understand how to build any business.

BONUS: We also interview Christian G Joest, Business Development Additive Manufacturing to learn more how Imperial is using this technology to improve their competitive advantage. SO STAY TUNED UNTIL THE VERY END. Less than 29 minutes.

Find them at or 908 496 8100

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Marty Wolff, Host of the Business Builders Show and President of Marty Wolff Business Solutions – focused on helping our clients grow their sales and profits. Call or text me with your comments or questions at 570 815 1626.

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