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Business Builders Show Interview With Tom Root

Tom Root is one of the leaders for the mail order business at Zingerman’s Delicatessen is a food products operation based in Ann Arbor, MI. They are known and loved in Ann Arbor and they sell their products all over the world.

My conversation with Tom covered several topics. One of them was off topic a little bit – however it was fascinating and I want you to check it out at This is a place where artisans and serious business people can take advantage of a facility in Ann Arbor to get their products to market. Success Magazine would call this part of the “You Economy”. Author Billee Howard would describe this as “WE-Commerce”. Regardless it is helping us again see the importance what Tom called “The Physicality of Things.”

Tom was also very insightful discussing “Lean” and how they are applying it in their seasonal business. Other topics covered were servant leadership, open book management and fun.

Tom can be reached at

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