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Broaden your search and focus on potential: Techopia Live talent panel

In response to debates raging across Canada about whether we have a brain drain – a flood of skilled workers leaving the country – or the reverse, a “brain gain,” Techopia Live assembled a panel of Ottawa experts to share their perspectives and best practices on attracting and retaining tech talent.

Tackling the issue was Shopify’s senior vice-president of engineering Jean-Michel Lemieux, Kanata North Business Association executive director Jamie Petten and director of Hire Immigrants Ottawa Henry Akanko. Joining Techopia Live as co-host was Dean Fulford, vice-president of HR consulting from sponsor Stratford Managers.

Though each panelist had different perspectives, the overall message was clear: Ottawa’s business leaders need to broaden the horizons of their talent searches and focus on the potential of prospective employees rather than their technical skills.

Read the full recap here:

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