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KRP Properties (formerly the Kanata Research Park) is no stranger to Ottawa’s tech scene. It was ground zero during Ottawa’s telecom heyday and continues to be a hotbed of innovation and world-leading commercialization.
Change is the only constant. The KRP team is keeping up with the times with its own sustainability plan, which it says is the only custom-designed one in Ottawa.
In the same spirit as industry-leading standards such as LEED and BOMA BEST, KRP has set out to create a framework for program implementation, performance and assessment to certify properties to its KRP Green designation.
The focus is on energy and waste reduction, water conservation, green cleaning and sustainable purchasing, site operations, transportation and communications.
No one is left out and everyone is empowered. KRP’s plan engages all of the moving parts of the building community, including leasing, operations, construction, accounting and administration. It invests heavily in skills-based professional development for its staff, including environmental training, to ensure the KRP portfolio runs like an “energy-efficient, well-oiled machine.”
Take lighting, for example.
Earlier this year, building operator Ed Weir piloted his own lighting retrofit and other energy-saving projects. The results and cost savings were so compelling, KRP expanded Mr. Weir’s pilot across its portfolio. In three buildings alone – 411 Legget Dr. and Blackwood Towers A and B – the energy savings have so far added up to 455,000 kilowatt hours.

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