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The high-tech tree planted in Ottawa by Sir Terry Matthews continues to sprout new branches.

One of the latest additions is Solink. This data-driven security platform company, led by CEO Michael Matta, broke away from its sole sales and channel partner, March Networks, a year ago and hasn’t looked back.

Solink’s Video Discovery application captures and audits 100 per cent of video surveillance and transactional data to reduce fraud proactively. Users can search for any event without having to manually retrieve evidence by time and location. For a monthly fee, the platform provides everything users need to collect, analyze, investigate and manage their data.

Solink has a high-powered team behind it. The company’s board includes Mr. Matthews, Wesley Clover president Paul Chiarelli and former Mitel CEO Don Smith. Its crack staff includes talented coders from around the world, working through problems seen as too difficult by the established security industry.

Over the past year, the team has grown from 15 to 22. Solink has established a sales office in Maryland to pursue the lucrative U.S. market and added a second offering, Solink 4.0, that supports secure public cloud deployments.

End users and security integrators are taking notice. Revenues for the current fiscal year are expected to be up by 30 to 50 per cent from last year. The company has the continued financial support of Wesley Clover as it works to achieve positive cash flow.

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