How IndyCar Drivers Train To Race A $900k Car | What It Takes

Maneuvering top-of-the-line IndyCars around tracks at speeds of up to 240 mph is not for the faint of heart. IndyCar drivers are elite athletes from all around the world who undergo intense physical and psychological training to become the best in the world. In May, Insider visited the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the […]

How The Most Expensive Nannies In The World Train | So Expensive

We go inside the most exclusive school for nannies in the world. They are not just trained to cook and sew, they also learn self-defense techniques and driving in dangerous conditions. It’s Mary Poppins, with a little James Bond thrown in for good measure. MORE SO EXPENSIVE VIDEOS: Why Survival Bunkers Are So Expensive | […]

The Importance of “Showing Up”: Psychology, Impostor Syndrome and Baggage – with Lior Locher.

Connect with Lior on LinkedIn: Connect with Adrian on LinkedIn: Showing up. This is about living ourselves out loud, and what happens when we dare to do that. And all our editing strategies. We will touch on psychology, impostor syndrome, our “baggage”, navigating our different selves and portfolios, the role of context, offering […]

Why Survival Bunkers Are So Expensive | So Expensive

The business of private survival shelters has grown during the pandemic. They’re not just for survivalists and doomsday preppers anymore. Bunkers buried in backyards or remote landscapes are capable of withstanding nuclear fallout and hurricanes, as well as violent conflict. WATCH MORE SO EXPENSIVE NEWS VIDEOS: How The Tokyo Olympics Became The Most Expensive Summer […]

petit bill's bistro

10th anniversary of Petit Bill’s Bistro

How The World’s Oldest Hat Shop Has Stayed In Business For Nearly 350 Years | Still Standing

Lock & Co. Hatters in London has been designing and selling high quality hats since 1676. It has served celebrities and royalty throughout history, withstood a bombing in WWII, and now survived the Covid-19 pandemic which was the first time in history it had to close its doors. MORE STILL STANDING VIDEOS: How One Man […]

Techopia Live – Featuring L-Spark

Strapped with lessons learned from their previous cohorts, L-Spark’s Leo Lax and Jamie Petten dropped by Techopia Live to talk about how their approach to this fall’s latest batch of SaaS companies is different from years past. Story:

Making a business case for composting

After getting its start helping hotels, hospitals and casinos reduce their waste collection costs, FoodCycle Science is seeing new opportunities in assisting households around the world rethink the concept of home composting.

Regulating Healthcare At The Speed Of Life

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ready for a frank discussion between regulators and health tech pioneers on regulating developing technology.  On July 29, “Regulating Healthcare at the Speed of Life, a digital event presented by, will discuss how regulators can keep up with health tech innovation and how it can mature to meet […]



How Vegan Leather Is Made From Mangoes | World Wide Waste

One Dutch company is making vegan leather from mangoes that would otherwise be thrown away. The cofounders hope it will reduce food waste while making the leather industry more environmentally friendly. MORE WORLD WIDE WASTE VIDEOS: How Rotting Vegetables Make Electricity | World Wide Waste How Plastic Made With Algae Can Clean Waterways | World […]

June 1, 2009: SNOLAB tour

Ottawa Business Journal reporter Elizabeth Howell heads two kilometres underground in Sudbury to view the SNOLAB facility. SNOLAB studies the workings of the sun and, soon, the beginnings of the universe. See the article at