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Ahin Thomas, VP at Backblaze

I saw a story in the March/April edition of Inc. Magazine on a company I never heard of………….Backblaze………… I LOVED the story of this company. How the founders faced early challenges, how they are so transparent in sharing information with their customers and how they resisted the urge to go with venture capitalists.

Ahin Thomas, their VP, joined me for this entertaining AND informative conversation. Ahin is focused on building great Commerce experiences and developing talent. He was the co-founder / CEO of Vintners’ Alliance. Ahin holds his MBA from Wharton (I asked him how a guy the Bay Area got to Wharton), AB from Georgetown. He also is an experienced musician and songwriter………..that partially explains why he was so charming in this terrific interview.

You can find Ahin on Linkedin: Find out more about Backblaze at When you go to their website you’ll see this line “Cloud storage that’s astonishingly easy and low cost.” I LOVE that line!

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Marty Wolff / Business Builders Show and Business Builders Media LLC

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