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Achieving Digital Transformation Amid Disruption 4 Tips to Navigate the Process

Even before businesses were disrupted worldwide, many B2B organizations were already lagging in their digitization. With the average lifespan of a website lasting 3-5 years, most were still running web stores that their business had long outgrown or evolved beyond. But digital disruption in 2020 made the need for sophisticated e-commerce more critical than ever. Many now find themselves two steps behind the pack: hoping to navigate disruption and level up their e-commerce.

Learn the 4 tips to take to future-proof your business — while still battling the impact of disruption:

Determine if, when, and how you’ve outgrown or out evolved your e-commerce.
Assess the impact of disruption on your business or industry.
Consider the short game: What’s missing to evolve your web store?
Consider the long game: Your tech stack, scalability, required upgrades over time.

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