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6 Uses For Those Silica Gel Bags That Come With Everything You Buy

Don’t throw these little bags out! Silica bags are found with new shoes and electronics. They contain silicon dioxide, aka “silica.” Silica can absorb moisture and keep things dry.

Here’s how:

1. Water-damaged phone? Leave it to silica to dry it right up. 

2. De-clump salt or sugar. 

3. Preserve stored ornaments and decorations. 

4. Keep your razors alive longer. The bags will dry out moisture and make the blades last longer. 

5. Smelly gym bag? Silica bags can prevent bacteria or mold from growing. 

6. Storing lots of photos together? The bags prevent moisture damage and photos from sticking together. 

You can reuse the bags by heating them up in an oven. Start collecting.


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